Art Portfolio

With both modern and traditional influences,I like bold color, strong lines, movement and flow. All paintings are done in acrylic and subject matter ranges from dancers, animals, landscapes and seascapes. Prints for sale!

RainforestFlamenco FrioMalong MalongDance CityBallet in Air#1 in Dancers of the World Series
LolaButterfly BlueIntersections Festival - Dance meets Visual ArtVacationFlamenco, Spain, Dances of the World seriesBeach Mama
Tandava, IndiaJoySpanish Arrival to the Philippine IslandsManny Pacquiao
Social Imbalance Banga BallerinaConvergenceClimbing Trees
Beach LifeRed TigerHula, HawaiiKabuki, JapanJazz, USA
Lwiindi, ZambiaBangaHoop Dance, Native AmericaDominican Republic, MerengueSamba, Brazil 36x48, Acrylic, $600Philippine Sea SOLD
Philippines, TiniklingPinayFloodFox Hill Beautiful DayRed Reindeer
Lovely LeopardsPanda BooPolar ParadiseArctic TwilightAmerican AutumnBlue Orchids
Little Red Riding HoodJupiterBlue Moon WaterfallThese Boots Were Made for WalkinSnow in the CitySamba SOLD
Snow KittySeascape 1WindPhilippine Sea TreasuresFreedomSeascape 2
BambooTimeCalifornia LoversWater DancersHoliday Art
Hip Hop Barre BodyBursting BlossomsTranquiliciousGordo & Izzi
Queen BeeLea of the DragonflyRaspberry JellyLush Blush
Woman in the Wind

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